You will deal with the same experienced lawyer throughout your matter, reducing costs and increasing efficiency through continuity of service. We are centrally located in the heart of South Yarra. We have years of experience in the fields of dispute resolution, both commercial and relationship disputes, and we are experienced in running significant trials across all jurisdictions.

Deal with the one experienced lawyer throughout your matter

Our Services

Divorce & Family Law

We can provide you with the advice and assitance to ensure your interests are protected through what is often a vvery difficult period of transformation.

Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience in resolving business and personal disputes for clients expeditiously and with minimal fuss.

Insolvency & Debt Recovery Law

We ably assist you to recover outstanding debts or to defend claims brought by liquidators or trustees-in-bankruptcy.

Contesting a Will

We can commence or defend a Testator’s Family Maintenance Claim on your behalf. Mediation of these disputes often resolves them without the expense of Court action.

Wills, Deceased Estates & Probate

We have experience in relation to Preparation of Wills, Probate documents and Powers of Attorney, as well as in the administration of deceased estates.

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